Connecting your Django App to Supabase

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Are you using Django for your web projects which require server-side heavy lifting? Then you might have come across the fact that Django allows the use of multiple databases.

You then can define for each model to which database it should be saved. …

Building a cryptoquote game with Python, Streamlit and Heroku

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There are two kinds of literacy which every kid should acquire in school:

  1. Financial Litercacy
  2. Programming Literacy

While little is done about financial literacy even in the developed world besides some private initivatives (like my friend Mara’s books for children here or here), programming has gained more prominence in Europe’s schooling schedules for whatever reason. Naturally, as a parent you want to take every opportunity to support interest in creative digitalism.

My daughter is using the online LateX editor Overleaf to write academic papers and I’m always baffled how so called digital natives can waste hours and days formatting their…

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The hype around ESG investing is strong and asset managers are vamping up their product-shelfes with ESG-labeled products. Academic papers to underline the fact that Large providers will happily sell you ESG scores to build your own portfolios. Unfortunately, the quality of the scores is not very uniform as of today. Managers with a mission will therefore fall back to reading annual reports of all issuers in their investment universe themselfes — which may be a lenghty and time consuming exercise.

That is not surprising when we take a short look at history: Successful quant managers like AQR (latest book…

While taking the dog out for a morning walk I thought about how one of my new ML toys could be tested on an ESG related topic. So here it goes.

Many investors care about ESG, that is investing into companies which care about environmental, social and governance factors. The approach ties in closely with the UN SDGs — the 17 sustainable development goals issued by the United Nations. On the asset side, ESG factors are still gaining momentum mostly as a marketing gadget. However, the intended effect of creating impact and nudging corporates to be better global citizens is…

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Millions were watching the African eclipse on summer solstice yesterday. In case you missed it, re-live it on ESA’s page here. Space is not only fascinating to us for its grandeur and awesomeness which inspires our imagination. It is also fueling economic aspirations. Individuals and Organizations alike are striving to participate in the third millenium’s gold rush: Space Exploration.

You can feel the space-fever everywhere! What are your options to participate?

Small Money — If you have small money to invest you can check investment advice from popular platforms like the Motley Fool suggesting tech and mining stocks to participate…

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When Falcon 9 launched yesterday and carried the Crew Dragon with Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley on board to Space, over 10 Million people were watching live through webstreams. That is an impressive number in itself. But compared to the moon landing in 1969 with estimated 600 Million viewers you could say that nobody really cared in comparison. Even more so if you factor in the availability of information of streaming vs. TV.

However, this success was politically important to the United States in times of turmoil. …

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Do you think that mining has nothing to do with you directly? Think again. And take a look at WEF’s Sustainable Mining Paper. Besides the nice graphics it comes up with a list of 7 trends which dominate the industry. Not surprising, the sustainability aspect of mining is number one.

Deduction or Induction? Which scientific principle will help us achieve sustainable satellite launches.

View from a satellite on riverbed
View from a satellite on riverbed
Photo by USGS on Unsplash

Sustainability is a dominant topic. The philosophical logic behind it is quite simple: Pollution leads to rising temperatures which will have adverse effects on humanity. Many — if not all — areas of life take advantage of the fact that public resources can be used for free, a problem know as tragedy of the commons.

Manned Space Travel has already integrated sustainability with high levels of recycling — out of sheer necessity. But the launch and satellite industry is still burning massive amount of rocket fuel with…

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